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The Heretical Herald

Updated February 26, 2004

Welcome to The Heretical Herald, a combination web site and newsletter. Consider it a light hearted educational publication. It would be best to explain what this is all about and what it isn't. Most importantly this is not a rant against Heralds nor the rules of Heraldry as practised in the SCA or the rest of the World. The Heretical Herald does not look to subvert the rules of Heraldry.

The Heretical Herald does look to promote Heraldry! In fact it looks to promote good solid heraldic design in the spirit of the medieval period for use in the SCA. It also looks to solve problems that may arise and often it will ask the question "Why?" with regards to what might seem arbitrary rules. Hopefully it will find some answers that are satisfactory to many if not all.

The editor, H. Herald, is most familiar with SCA heraldry as it is practised in the Kingdom of An Tir and therefore there will be biases towards the way heraldry is practised here. Kingdom submissions policies differ from Kingdom to Kingdom within the SCA so refer to your local heralds for specifics. Please do so even if you are from the Kingdom of An Tir.

Please note that The Heretical Herald refers to the publication and H. Herald refers to the editor of the publication.

- H. Herald editor

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Topics for The Heretical Herald

Some relevant topics for The Heretical Herald will include things such as expressing cultural flavour in heraldic designs or display. Others might include working with favourite colours or objects that just are not typically found in heraldry but might seem like they could or should be. There will be discussions and explanations behind some of the rules and rulings in heraldry as practised in the SCA. There will be general basic heraldry articles as well as advanced heraldic topics covered. Some topics seem to come up frequently and are misunderstood and there are many myths passed around about heraldic practices in the SCA and in Heraldry in general and there will be some space given to dealing with these. There are also some topics that bear repeating because of their importance though many have heard them many times. For example, do not use wax crayons to colour in heraldic submission forms. Ideas for more topics will likely come up as the publication grows. Perhaps the scope will grow as well.

Please feel free to suggest future topics for The Heretical Herald. Future issues will be coming out as material warrants and we are willing to revisit topics already covered. For that matter if you wish to write an article or expand on what has been written please write us as well.

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Mailing List and Newsletter

The Heretical Herald is starting a mailing list for polite and perhaps humorous discussion of heraldic issues and topics. It might include discussions on topics brought up in issues of The Heretical Herald or perhaps be meat for future issues. The mailing list is administered through a Yahoo! Group and also gives access for activities such as running polls. Issues of the Newsletter itself or a variation on it may be distributed on another similar Group set up for that purpose. Membership for the list is just starting so things might be a bit slow to start with. The e-Mail version of the Newsletter is still something for the future. Either go to the "heretical_herald_list" Yahoo! Group to subscribe to the group or you can directly create and control your subscription sending e-mail to the following addresses:

Post message:
List owner:

Please note that messages are archived through the Group Page and may be accessed by non-members as well as members. Non-members may also post to the list, however they might have to do so from the Group Page and more than likely will only be able to read responses there. Some of the other features of the Group are also accessable to non-members of the Group, but for others you must join.

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Looking for a Few Good Heralds

As The Heretical Herald grows it will need some staff to help with writing and editing. Requirements are mostly a willingness to want to overcome challenges while following the rules as they are set down, perhaps creatively. Also to follow the spirit of the rules and attempt to understand the purpose behind them. Perhaps when necessary to even change the rules if appropriate. Sometimes a rule that seems arbitrary has or had a reason behind it when it was made. Perhaps that reasoning is still sound, perhaps things have changed. It is important to look at what went before, what was happening at the time, and what has happened since in addition to what is happening now to truly understand what is up with it. It is a bit beyond even past, present, and future. If you'd like to contribute or become a part of the team please write The Heretical Herald

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Who is the H. Herald?

It is not a horrible secret whom the Heretical Herald is. If you ask H. Herald directly you might even be answered. It is just asked that if you do find a need to ask or if you find out in some other way who H. Herald is, that you keep it to yourself. Consider it a quirk, consider it a game, consider it an aspect of persona or honour. Or simply to allow others who enjoy a challenge to seek out the answer on their own. It probably won't be much of a challenge. Probably running around at events calling out "Herald" and seeing who turns around just won't cut it.

H. Herald has no intention of doing anything dishonourable by any means and in fact by wishing to remain somewhat anonymous there is a need to be even more scrupulously honourable for it is easy to hide behind a nom-de-plum. So if you need or wish to know who H. Herald is, ask. If you feel it is a challenge to figure out who is behind the curtain, seek. It probably is not that large a challenge.

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Anybody Here?

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The Heretical Herald is an independent Publication not associated with the SCA Inc.
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It will be published on an irregular basis as material warrants.
-H. Herald editor

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